1. Carnaval in Nice

    2020-03-06 18:48:39 UTC
    We went to Carnaval!  One afternoon, Jonathan came home and mentioned that Nice has the biggest Carnaval celebration in France and that it might be cool to go. We checked it out online and went back and forth about going and then finally decided to be adventurous and go! I’m…

  2. Bonus Blog!

    2020-02-09 20:28:48 UTC
    Popping in with a quick bonus blog update. Jonathan was included in an episode of the newest communications project at ITER: ITER NOW. It focused this week on the post-docs and the projects they’re working on while at ITER There’s also a podcast with a bit more expansion on the…

  3. All Caught Up!

    2020-02-06 17:38:44 UTC
    Guess who’s back? It’s me, Sara! Here to update you on all the neat things we’ve been doing since December This Christmas was our first Christmas in Aix and it didn’t disappoint. Last year, we celebrated Christmas and the new year in Zurich with Cory and Jessica so we were…

  4. Jonathan to the rescue! (Again…)

    2020-01-20 20:13:40 UTC
    What’s up everyone, it’s time for the husband to take over. We are a bit behind on the blog once again, so we’re taking some time over the Christmas break to reminisce over our fall activities, and of course share an update! (Editor’s Note: Make that late January, because some

  5. Our First Year in France

    2019-10-23 19:32:45 UTC
    Today is officially one year of living in France. It’s been a wild ride so far and has flown by so quickly, while also feeling like we’ve been stuck in the same month for years. But I think those feelings can be true no matter where you’re living. Our first…