And finally… Disneyland Paris!

The last three days of our trip were all at Disneyland Paris! The first day was a Thursday and with the reduced crowd sizes, we were actually able to ride everything in the main park that we wanted to ride. Some we even rode twice! Top favorites from the first day had to be Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight and Phantom Manor. Pirates was pretty dark (in reference to the lights and the scenes included in the ride) but awesome. Peter Pan put us into flying pirate ships which was really cool! Big Thunder Mountain was a much longer ride that we were expecting. All great!

There was so much hand sanitizer throughout the parks, it was actually impressive. Constantly throughout the lines, next to ATMs, randomly on sidewalks. It was hard to avoid it. All the ride lines had spaces marked for where to stand and where to leave space between groups. Not everyone followed the guidelines (especially on Saturday), but it was still helpful. We also enjoyed watching all the staff being able to be super hardcore about people keeping their masks on. They were armed with grabby sticks that they’d poke or grab people with as they told them to put masks back on. Sweet justice.

It was honestly very cool to experience the parks so empty, but it was a sort of sad time too. Sometimes it felt like it was straight out of Zombieland or some other zombie-apocalypse movie, which I guess isn’t really that far off from reality.

Our second day at the parks was similar to the first: short lines and all the rides we wanted. Favorites include: Tower of Terror, Ratatouille and Crush’s Coaster. Ratatouille and Crush’s Coaster were definitely some of the most unique rides we rode. I also bought some new mouse ears, because they were purple and one pair of purple mouse ears just wasn’t enough. 

Jonathan and I bought some new pins and plotted out how to maybe trade some pins the next day when the park would be more crowded.

Saturday was definitely the most crowded day but it was also our 5 year wedding anniversary! Yay! Marriage!

We rode Big Thunder Mountain a final time, but that was it. We waited for 45+ minutes and no one was spacing out correctly, so we all decided that rides were not going to happen that day and just enjoyed walking around and looking in stores. Jonathan and I traded some pins at a pin board and talked to a couple of people from the area who were trading as well. They weren’t interested in any of our pins, but it was still fun to talk with them! 

The next morning we packed up and loaded onto a train and headed home. It was a great trip, but we were really grateful to get to sleep in our own beds again.