MORE Summer Explorations (Episode 3)

Guess who’s back? It’s me! Sara. Here with more of the summer exploring we were able to do this year. Thanks for joining me. Let’s pick up where we left off: July.

We also were able to do a short day trip to Sisteron. We’ve driven past this town so many times and wanted to stop, but hadn’t been able to until now. It’s a really cool citadel/church on top of a big cliff right beside a highway so it always looks super mysterious and medieval. We went with Cindi and Orlando and explored the citadel before walking around the town a bit. It was a cute little city and a great place to explore.

I’d be a bad “Swiftie” if I didn’t mention that July also introduced me to the surprise Taylor Swift album folklore. It’s honestly one of my favorite things she’s created and felt like a really warm hug during these weird and uncertain times. If you haven’t listened to it yet, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a glass of red wine) on a rainy day and stare wistfully out a window while you listen. Can confirm that it’s the best way to listen.

At the end of August, we rented a car and drove to Annecy to meet up with Jessica and Cory Slep, who live in Switzerland. It was a really nice break and so nice to see our friends. Annecy is a gorgeous town right on a lake in the Alps. It has canals that run through the city and lots of bridges and flower boxes hanging off of the railings.

Our Air B&B was right on the canal, so I have a ton of photos from the same point of view but in different lighting conditions. I loved just sitting in the window and watching people walking around.

We toured a couple of the museums in town and walked by the lake. The museums were cool; one in the chateau at the top of the hill and one in the old island prison. The prison was right outside our window so it was really interesting to see it every day and then get to walk around inside as well.

Now we’re back in Aix, trying to enjoy each day as it comes. We aren’t really sure of how much time we have left in France and the uncertainty is tough for both of us. But, we’re still trying to use our time in France while we still can. We’re going to be traveling to Northern France next week (Now this week! I’m posting from our hotel in Chessy as we pack up our bags to head back to Aix.) and I’m really looking forward to it. We also recently came across a plant sale in town, so now I have a bunch of new plants to watch over. I like to just sit in the hallway with them and look at them during the day. It’s a nice break from the same four walls every day.

So that was our summer. Not exactly how we had hoped it would go, but that’s life. I’m really thankful that France was able to control their COVID cases so we felt safe doing the little bit of exploring we did. 

We have a few more trips and fun things planned for the next couple of weeks, so expect another blog post soon. Look at me, getting into a routine!? 

Ok, ok. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. 😅